Your components can connect with industry-standard equipment and accessories. RH Murphy Co JEDEC matrix trays ensure topline results in your process and peak performance for your customers.

One of the foundation elements of semiconductor processing, JEDEC outline matrix trays have become the standard for automation in electronics. And now that standard is extending outward to many other automation platforms including optics, sensors, photonics, and even medical and life sciences.

RapidTray Machined Matrix Trays
Universal PGA JEDEC Matrix Trays
Assorted JEDEC Matrix Trays molded in custom colors

Industry Standard

JEDEC matrix trays are recognized and understood.  They give you instant access to equipment and accessories.  JEDEC outlines have become the common language of automation.

Precision Built In

JEDEC outlines have well established reference features and datums.  The outline dimensions and tolerances take the risk out of equipment design, accelerating development time and lowering cost.

Automation Ready

Asymmetric end tabs ensure proper orientation.  Standard recesses and vacuum pickup points work well with many types of elevator and feed mechanisms.  Interlocking features keep tray stacks stable. 

Convenient and Practical

Pin One indicators, visual alignment indicators, and designated space for marking and engraving - years of development make JEDEC matrix trays a smart, practical tool for your manufacturing process.

Adaptable and Process Compatible

JEDEC matrix trays can be designed for almost any components that fit within the footprint.  Material options offer ESD protection, temperature and chemical compatibility, and wide range of properties to match your application.

WIP, Ship, and Storage

It's easy to get one tray for all your needs.  Build your parts, hold them on the shelf or ship them out, and then move them into final system assembly.  No extra handling.  No extra containers or media.  Standard boxes, straps, and bags make it simple!

More JEDEC Matrix Trays

Ball Grid Array JEDEC Matrix Trays
BGA JEDEC Matrix Trays
Trays in assorted configurations and colors
Custom JEDEC Matrix Trays
JEDEC PGA Matrix Trays and spacers
PGA JEDEC Matrix Trays
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RapidTray® Machined JEDEC Tray for unformed QFP with tie bar
RapidTray® Machined JEDEC Matrix Trays
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