Can't find JEDEC trays for your device and you need some fast? Does your new IC package need to be handled and protected by a JEDEC tray? Do you have a CQFP, FP, BGA, LGA, PGA, LCC, Hybrid Module, Socket, Sensor, Connector, Transformer or other new, unique package that needs to be placed in a JEDEC Outline Matrix Tray?

Assorted examples of machined matrix trays

Take a look at R H Murphy Co.’s RapidTray® Machined Trays. The RapidTray® program provides quick turnaround on the design and production of small to moderate quantities of custom trays.   Utilizing uniquely designed,  custom molded tray blanks,   R H Murphy Co. will develop a custom pocket design to handle and protect your sensitive and delicate devices. Trays are then CNC machined to the specific configuration for your part. We offer several tray versions capable of handling small devices through large components and modules, all available as both high temperature processing trays and low temperature shipping trays, and all using NoStat® ESD safe materials.

10 pocket RapidTray® Machined Matrix Tray
40 pocket RapidTray® Machined Matrix Tray
Custom thick RapidTray® Machined Matrix Tray


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R H Murphy - RapidTray® Machined Matrix Trays

Tray Series

Outline, Pockets

NoStat® Material


Thin, 10 pocket

180°C, Black


Thin, 10 pocket

60°C, Blue


Thin, 40 pocket

180°C, Black


Thin, 40 pocket

60°C, Blue


Thick, Custom

180°C, Black


Thick, Custom

60°C, Blue


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Custom Trays without Custom Tooling!

RapidTray® Machined Matrix Trays start with blank trays manufactured in volume, then custom machined for your products so you get a custom tray without any mold or tooling investment.

Short Lead Time

The RapidTray® manufacturing process is designed for your needs.  High quality production-ready tray, custom configured for your components, delivered in days, not months!  Now you do it right and do it fast!

Premium Materials

RapidTray® Machined Matrix Trays are manufacture of NoStat® ESD-safe composite polymers.  You get outstanding mechanical and electrical performance that withstands the rigors of your process, protecting the value of your products.

The Quantity You Need

With the RapidTray® Program there is no need to buy extra parts to hit an artificial price break.  With a very low minimum order quantity and flat price structure, and short lead time, there is no reason to purchase extra inventory.  This is especially valuable during development when designs are changing or when you have multiple sources for your components.

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