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Semiconductors were the original market for R H Murphy Company and remain a major market for us today. The knowledge and skills developed working with semiconductors are directly transferable to many other markets, including electronics, sensors, life sciences, photonics, and precision assembly. But semiconductors have a combined demand that continues to require market specific capabilities and R H Murphy remains committed to supporting those requirements.


Automation Compatibility

R H Murphy Company understands JEDEC outlines and know how to provide products that exploit the benefits of standardization.

Outstanding Protection

More than any other company, R H Murphy Company has provided products that preserve lead geometry, cleanliness, and electrical isolation.

Optimized For Your Process

Our understanding of both the manufacturing process requirements and material capabilities gives you added assurances of compatibility with your process.

Experience and Creativity

There is no substitute for our extensive inventory of solutions for semiconductor handling.  It makes us faster and more effective at getting to your solution.

RH Murphy Products for Semiconductor Handling

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