PGA Matrix Trays with our Patented Universal Design Offer the Ultimate Protection and Convenience. Spacer Trays Provide Added Flexibility for Heat Sinks or Custom Packages.

R H Murphy Universal PGA Tray Part Numbers

High Temp. (180°C) P/NLow Temp. (60°C) P/NNumber of PocketsAlso Accepts IPGAs?

U.S. Patent Nos. 5,103,976 & 5,746,319

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Universal PGA Trays from R H Murphy Co. are readily available in a wide variety of formats

Now there’s a Universal PGA Tray to fit all your PGAs–odd row, even row, small outline, large outline, rectangular, even interstitial or ‘staggered row’ PGAs. We carry many Universal PGA Trays in stock, so there are no long lead times to interfere with your schedules. Choosing the right PGA tray has never been easier!

Range of trays fit many applications

Choose from several 10 pocket or 21 pocket tray designs, all available as high temperature processing trays or as economical, low temperature shipping trays. The 10 pocket trays can accommodate 9×9 through 22×22 matrix PGAs. The 21 pocket versions handle smaller packages with up to 15×15 matrix. We also make handy tray ‘spacers’, which let you stack loaded trays safely and securely when your packages have heat sinks in place or have other custom features.

Trays are available in various Temperature Range materials including NoStat® ESD-safe Materials.

So unique, they’re patented!

Our Universal PGA Trays are special, and the United States Patent Office agreed, granting Patents Nos. 5,103,976 and 5,746,319.

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