Matrix Trays for Manufacturing Automation – Standard Solutions for Custom Parts

Automated assembly and general automation give you the results you want.

  • Increase your production output and yield.
  • Eliminate handling damage.
  • Protect your parts from electrical and ESD damage

Choose the best trays to match your requirements.

  • JEDEC Matrix Trays let you use industry standard automation equipment.
  • Custom Molded Matrix Trays are perfect for custom automation platforms.
  • RapidTray® Machined Matrix Trays are your best choice for prototypes, development projects and low volume production.
  • No tooling required and short lead times keep things simple and fast!
  • 3D Printed Trays are great for design verification and one-off designs.


The right tray for your needs

Your trays will be designed to work with your existing equipment or with new equipment and processes. Our experienced designers operate as your consultants, coordinating with your team and your suppliers. We make sure that the only surprises are good ones!

The best material for your process

If you want ESD protection, NoStat® ESD-safe composite polymers are great choices and are available with continuous use ratings up to 200°C. You can also choose from other antistatic formulations. There are many other options, including high strength, special colors, soft touch, chemically resistant, or platable materials. You decide what you want for performance and we’ll provide the value.