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Industry standard or custom—you get what you need.

There is a common theme to the products that carry the RH Murphy Company name. Functional excellence and protection mean that our products work really well in your process while preventing damage to your valuable components. Many RH Murphy products fall into general categories like trays, carriers, clips, retainers, or pins but most of them make sure that your parts stay where you want them, go where they should go, and work the way they should work.

You determine your performance needs but you aren’t doing it alone. We ask the questions you may not think of to ensure everything gets covered. Every product we offer will specifically target your requirements. And you get the added benefit of our decades of experience, even if this is a new challenge for you.

JEDEC PGA Matrix Trays for 100 mil and interstitial pin patterns

JEDEC Matrix Trays

Custom Trays

Custom Trays

ISOPAK PGA Test and Burn-in Carrier


Molded Plastic Springs and EZ-Tak Pins for IC protection


Custom Tray for backplane connector

Custom Parts