Eliminate False Leakage Failures

IC Test Carriers with our Patented ISOPAK Design Offer the Ultimate Protection for the Testing and Handling of Your Sensitive Semiconductor Packages.

ISOPAK Carriers offer a unique dual-material design for extraordinary ESD protection and accurate device testing.

What is ISOPAK?

ISOPAK carriers are an innovative approach to housing electrically sensitive components in a safe dual-material environment offering electrical protection and lead isolation. Carrier frames are molded of conductive, NoStat® ESD-safe material, while insulating material is used where needed for lead isolation. The conductive NoStat™ material dissipates triboelectric charges which develop when the carrier moves across any surface, while the insulating material isolates leads for accurate electrical testing.

Both materials are used to form a sturdy unitized carrier. The component is safely contained within the carrier, yet remains accessible for electrical evaluation. Components can be loaded into the carrier immediately after lead straightening and stay there throughout the entire testing, burn-in, labeling, packing, and shipping processes. The result is a sharp reduction in problem-prone manual handling, and a dramatic increase in quality assurance.


Wide range of carrier types fit many applications

Whether you need to handle standard PGAs, intricate CQFPs, FPs or ‘TO’ devices, R H Murphy Co. has an ISOPAK carrier that’s right for the job, and our JEDEC Standard carrier outlines are made to mate with standard test sockets.

ISOPAK Carriers: So unique, they’re patented!

Our ISOPAK Carriers are special, and the United States Patent Office agrees, granting Patent No. 5,012,924. You can get authentic ISOPAK protection only from the innovator in Carrier design, R H Murphy Co.