JEDEC Outline Ball Grid Array (BGA) Matrix Trays with our Patented Pocket Design Offer the Ultimate Protection and Convenience.


Trays are available for many BGA package sizes and are available in various Temperature Range materials including NoStat® ESD-safe Materials.

Our BGA trays offer a unique mix of protection and flexibility for your automated environment.

Flip feature adds versatility with built-in package protection

Our patented tray designs enable packages to be handled ‘solder balls up’ and ‘solder balls down’, for pick-and-place operations and automatic inspection of solder balls. When housed in trays using our patented design, each package remains below the outside rail of the tray – whether it’s in the up or down position. The empty tray, when placed over a loaded tray to cover the devices, will not contact the solder balls, even if the trays are misaligned.

Device orientation is exact and consistent

Our patented inter-engaging pocket design insures positive x-y retention of each package in both the up or down positions. Either way, the package sits squarely and securely in the pocket.

Some of the existing R H Murphy BGA Tray sizes

BGA SizeNo. of Pockets
17 x 17mm90
22 x 14mm96
27 x 27mm40
35 x 35mm24
37.5 x 37.5mm21
40 x 40mm21
42.5 x 42.5 mm12

Don’t see what you need? Please contact us – we may have other options or suggest a solution from our RapidTray® program.

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