IC Matrix Trays help you in many ways:

  • Mechanical protection
  • Electrical protection
  • Process fixtures
  • Shipping and storage packaging
  • Automation transportation

Choose JEDEC outline matrix trays for your IC’s and ensure compatibility with standardized semiconductor automated handlers, test equipment, and process tools. Or choose a different tray outline better suited to your process and equipment. Either way you’ll get expert advice and support. JEDEC trays are great for IC shipping and storage because they’re stackable, secure, and you’ll find standard boxes, bags, and straps are readily available.

Most IC matrix trays are device specific, with details optimized for the exact shape, size, and terminal style of the IC package. The tray requirements for gull wing devices like QFP, SOIC, and Flat Pack are different than for leadless packages like LGA, QFN, and LCC. Even though BGA, CGA, and PGA packages have many similarities, their trays are all different. We know what it takes to make a great tray.

For low to moderate volume, whether prototyping or limited production, our RapidTray® Program offers custom IC matrix trays in JEDEC outlines without custom tooling, and with short lead times. For high volumes and special tray outlines, a custom molded tray may be the best option for your integrated circuits, MEMS, or multichip modules. We help you choose the right tray for your application. We even make trays to hold IC carriers.


Your Choice of Material

Get the performance you need and the properties you want. It’s all about choices.

No Size Restrictions

Custom trays don’t have to conform to any standard. We’ll keep the features that make sense and adapt them to your application.

Keep Your Options Open

Molded, machined, formed or printed – you get access to all the experience we’ve acquired, our partnerships and alliances.

We Help You Choose the Best Tray System For Your Application

Select from a wide range of available molded IC matrix tray designs, let us develop a new, custom molded tray design for you, go with additive manufacturing, or choose our RapidTray® Machined Tray System. The important point is to understand your options. We do and we’ll make sure you understand. We will also work with your partners, suppliers, and subcontractors so all stakeholders are included. All to make sure you get the best solution.