JEDEC MATRIX TRAY COVER for JEDEC outline matrix trays fits on the top or bottom of your trays, providing added protection from damage and contamination. Made of strong, clear plastic with an antistatic coating, your parts remain visible while being protected from damage and dirt.

IC MATRIX TRAY COVERS deliver the added protection your parts require. IC matrix trays traditionally are very open designs to provide good air flow during baking, while reducing tray weight and ultimately lowering costs. Antistatic matrix tray covers prevent accidental part contact and protect ICs and other sensitive parts from dirt and debris.

RHM-930 Tray Covers are packaged and sold in box quantity of 50.

Tray Covers should not be baked or washed. Clean with dry compressed air or dry cloth only.


JEDEC Tray Covers provide many benefits.

  • Protect your parts from accidental contact and foreign object damage (FOD)
  • Antistatic coating for ESD protection
  • View parts while covers are installed
  • Compatible with straps
  • Impact resistant material
  • Designed to fit on top or bottom of tray stack
  • Interlocking features assist with stacking
  • Available to ship from stock