How to get a Matrix Tray Built for a Device

Are you looking for someone to build a JEDEC tray for your project? JEDEC trays are now being used for a wide range of devices, components, and modules. There are also many custom matrix trays that deviate from JEDEC standards. They may be designed to work with other types of equipment or fixtures or they may be optimized for a particular process or part count.

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I need a tray for my device. What information should I provide?

A dimensioned mechanical drawing of your device with accurate actual dimensions and tolerance for the device body and leads will allow us to determine tray availability. Also specify if you need high temp or low temp trays, and approximately how many trays will be required, or how many devices need to be handled. A sample of the device can also be very helpful, along with 3D model data (.STP) if it is available.

Are your Carriers and Trays Standard Compliant?

Where appropriate, our BGA Trays, Universal PGA Trays, QFP Trays, Custom Trays, Machined Matrix Trays and ISOPAK Test Carriers incorporate JEDEC Standards to ensure compatibility and smooth operation in automated environments. Keep in mind that the standards control outside dimensions but not the features that support and protect the components. We also produce custom trays and carriers when desired or necessary.

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What are JEDEC Standards for trays and carriers?

JEDEC Standards define common characteristics to allow commonality among equipment, hardware, and other support products. The external dimensions and features provide reference points for device location and features to allow the use of automated handling systems.

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Must JEDEC Standards be followed?

No. The standards offer convenience and compatibility. If they limit or hinder the design of a product or process, then a non-standard design may be in order. R H Murphy Co. utilizes standards only where they make sense and will help you decide which standards, if any, are appropriate for your products.

What materials do you use?

All of our trays are available in a variety of NoStat® ESD-safe materials to satisfy your process and handling requirements. We offer a range of temperature ratings from 60°C to 200°C to match your needs. Our NoStat® materials all use carbon fiber loading to provide permanent ESD protection. Our lowest cost shipping trays are made from the same base material as our 60°C NoStat options but utilize a topical antistatic coating. All materials reflect our ‘no compromise’ approach to quality, ensuring consistent performance, quality and longevity.

How much do JEDEC trays cost?

Tray prices are controlled by the design, the material, and the quantity. There are fixed and variable costs involved. R H Murphy Co. offers several options in material and multiple manufacturing methods. Our RapidTray® Machine Tray program offers the most cost effective path for small quantities of custom trays. Our universal PGA trays accept a wide range of device types and sizes with the economy of a fully molded tray. Our custom molded, device specific trays provide the lowest unit price for high volume requirements. This flexible approach provides maximum value and clear path for product life cycle.

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In the RapidTray® Machined Tray program, why is there an NRE charge?

The RapidTray® Machined Tray program takes specially designed trays that are produced in high volume and customizes them using CNC machines to provide the device-specific geometry to hold and position your component safely and securely within the tray. The NRE charge pays for the creation and testing of the CNC program the first time a tray is ordered. Once the program has been generated, that work does not need to be done again. Separating out the cost for the programming allows us to offer a fixed price, independent of quantity. You only need to order the quantity of trays you need (subject to our 10 pc MOQ). There is no need to order extra trays you don’t want, just to get to an arbitrary price break.

What is a JEDEC Waffle Tray?

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What is a Waffle Pack Tray?

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Why Use Waffle Pack Trays?

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My RHM-601 trays melted! What happened?

Melted Counterfeit JEDEC Tray

You are using counterfeit trays.

Only genuine trays from R H Murphy Co. meet our strict requirements for quality of design, manufacture and material. Counterfeit trays, that look almost identical to actual R H Murphy trays, will not meet the quality standards of dimension, temperature rating or ESD properties that you demand. Genuine R H Murphy trays are made from materials that will withstand the rated service temperature and meet ESD requirements. They take the heat. Counterfeit trays do not.

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