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Do you have to move, store, or process valuable components?

Do you want full utilization of your automation equipment?

Are you protecting your parts from damage?

You can get the results you want and prevent mechanical and ESD damage!!

RapidTray Machined Matrix Tray holding small circuit board
PGA Carrier with burn-in socket
Assortment of custom JEDEC matrix trays
EZ-TAK, retaining pins, and end stops for extruded IC tubes

Leaders in component handling and protection

Simple Solutions, Quality and Value

Welcome to RH Murphy Company, inventor of flippable BGA trays, ISOPAK chip carriers, and many other problem-solving products. Our experience with high performance plastics engineering, ESD control, electronics handling and packaging, and flexible manufacturing gives us the knowledge and tools to give you what you need with quality and value.

Exceptional performance and outstanding value—a winning combination. Let our experience work for you.

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Tell us about your needs, your problems, and your requirements. We will show you solutions. Take the time to learn more about R H Murphy Company. 


We speak JEDEC. Many of our products incorporate JEDEC standard elements that ensure compatibility with industry standard products, equipment, and processes. We also provide custom features that are application specific. Whether prototype, low volume production, or high volume series production, we offer solutions optimized for demand.

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