What people don’t know about ESD is shocking!!

The goal of ESD management is protection against component damage. It sounds simple but providing ESD protection while maintaining other capabilities is a complex challenge. RH Murphy Company understands these competing demands and has been providing creative solutions for more than three decades.


The Right Material For Your Application

NoStat® ESD-safe polymers have been formulated specifically to provide ESD protection for semiconductors and sensitive electronics.

Experience Counts

RH Murphy Company uses recognized methods to confirm product performance. ESD specifications can be confusing and misleading. You can rely on proven, time-tested methods for managing your ESD challenges.

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Creative Solutions For Critical Needs

ISOPAK Carriers eliminate the problem of test leakage errors commonly associated with ESD protective carriers. Topical coatings provide protection when using insulating materials.

RH Murphy Products for ESD Management

Flipped BGA Matrix Tray with balls up alt view

BGA JEDEC Matrix Trays

ISOPAK QFP Test and Burn-in Carrier with Clip

ISOPAK Test & Burn-in Carriers

JEDEC PGA Matrix Trays for 100 mil and interstitial pin patterns

JEDEC Matrix Trays

JEDEC PGA Matrix Trays with spacers for heat sinks

PGA JEDEC Matrix Trays

Assorted examples of machined matrix trays

RapidTray® Machined JEDEC Matrix Trays

ESD Trays

ESD Matrix Trays

ESD Trays

ESD Trays