JEDEC Outline QFP Matrix Trays protect parts from lead damage, making automation easy. A Quad Flat Pack (QFP) device is fragile and difficult to repair but a well-designed custom JEDEC tray will hold the package body precisely and let the leads float. JEDEC QFP trays differ from waffle pack trays and thermoformed trays that typically allow lead contact.

RapidTray® custom QFP matrix trays give you fast, affordable JEDEC trays during prototyping and development or for any of your low volume requirements. Why risk manual processing when you have automation already. All you need are trays and the RapidTray® program can give those trays fast, without expensive tooling or big minimum quantities.

When you’re ready to run high volume, custom molded quad flat pack trays give you the lowest overall cost with maximum parts per tray and lowest tray pricing.

Custom trays can handle QFPs formed, unformed, or with tie bars attached, or in all three conditions. You have your choice of bakeable or non-bakeable trays, all made with high strength, reinforced materials. Even custom colors!


Perfect Fit for Your Parts

Custom tray pockets have nests that hold the package securely without contacting the leads. Custom molded matrix trays for QFP’s can be made for packages of any size. And RapidTray® QFP matrix trays are available for packages 4mm X 6mm up to 50mm X 50mm.

Optimized for Automation

JEDEC Outline QFP Matrix Trays are automation compatible for assembly, test, inspection, and surface mounting.

The Right Material for Your Process

Trays are available in various Temperature Range materials including NoStat® ESD-safe Materials. Standard materials are rated for 180°C or 60°C, with optional materials rated up to 200°C.

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