You can’t afford to be touching your parts.

Automation means productivity. For sensitive and fragile components, it may be the only way to handle them, even for small quantities. You can get your automation process running quickly, without expensive tooling for interface components.

The key to successful automation is proper anticipation. Understanding what is expected requires anticipation. Adaptive design, loading/unloading, material compatibility, tolerance analysis – there are many considerations. RH Murphy Company has the skills and experience, asks the important questions and has supplied creative solutions to simplify automation.


Compatibility That Counts

JEDEC, ANSI, ASME, EIA/J, SPE/SPI, ASTM, ISO, it’s a real alphabet soup! RH Murphy Company works with standards from many industries and regions. Ultimately, performance is what counts. Let us help you navigate among the conflicting requirements to provide products that work where it counts – in your process.

Learn From Our Experience

Mobile Beam, ISOPAK, Universal, EZ-TAK – these are just a few of names RH Murphy Company has used to describe our solutions to challenges presented by automated manufacturing processes.

Creativity Creates Value

Automation is intended to improve quality, increase output, lower costs – increase VALUE. Disposable or re-usable? One part for all or specialized parts? Color-coding, markings, or mechanical interlocks? Custom tooled or machined? Many options are offered and are presented along with the benefits and risks. Or tell us what matters to you and we’ll give you our recommendation and reasons.

RH Murphy Products for Manufacturing Automation

Molded Plastic Springs and EZ-Tak Pins for IC protection


ISOPAK PGA Test and Burn-in Carrier


Custom Tray for backplane connector

Custom Parts

Custom Trays

Custom Trays

JEDEC PGA Matrix Trays for 100 mil and interstitial pin patterns

JEDEC Matrix Trays

Assorted examples of machined matrix trays

RapidTray® Machined JEDEC Matrix Trays