R H Murphy Co. has over 100 years of collective experience with the engineering and design of plastic products. The majority of that experience involves the handling and packaging of semiconductors and electronic components. Ground breaking designs for JEDEC matrix trays and carriers have been awarded numerous patents worldwide. This design expertise is applied to each new product and project. Attention to detail is critical because industry specifications imply that component designs are generic but they are not. Each R H Murphy product is designed to address the unique requirements of its intended application, whether they be external details, electrical specifications, or interfacing with equipment and processes.

Having been an active industry participant for more than 30 years, R H Murphy Co. knows the questions to ask and is able to anticipate product needs. Our 3D modeling capabilities allow us to quickly develop the optimal design to meet your requirements. Rapid prototyping for proof of concept, and a selection of local and worldwide tooling sources, provide the flexibility to meet varied schedules and budgets. Contact R H Murphy Co. for custom plastic protective packaging. We have the answers.


R H Murphy Co. knows how crucial it is to select the right material. Over 30 years of experience working with our customers’ demanding applications has allowed us to develop NoStat® ESD-safe composites and to select materials which meet the most stringent handling requirements. Precision, temperature resistance, ESD, strength and cost are some of the properties optimized by using our selection of custom formulated raw materials. Whether you require high temperature processing capabilities, mid-range handling, or low cost ESD safe shipping products, all materials reflect our ‘no compromise’ approach to quality, ensuring consistent performance, quality and longevity.


With the introduction of the RapidTray® Machined Tray System, R H Murphy Co. extended the reach of custom solutions in electronics handling. We use a combination of internal manufacturing capability and strategic partnerships to create custom products ranging from engineering prototypes to high volume products. R H Murphy Co. assures that the innovative designs, utilizing the optimum materials, are manufactured using the most effective methods for each product and application. Prototypes and low volume requirements benefit from short lead times and no tooling charges. R H Murphy Co. offers a range of universal products, manufactured in volume, to provide economical products to a broad range of customers. For those applications requiring custom solutions in high volume, R H Murphy Co. utilizes global sourcing to maintain maximum value and competitive pricing.

R H Murphy Co., Inc.: Innovation since 1982

When it comes to plastics application engineering, matrix trays and semiconductor carriers, R H Murphy Co. has the ideas that are right for the times. When there’s a better, safer, more efficient way to provide plastic electronics packaging solutions, you can count on R H Murphy Co. to make it happen.

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