Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Products from R H Murphy Co. offer the ultimate protection and convenience for your semiconductor and electronics handling needs.

Small Products Resolve Big Problems

In addition to our recognized Matrix Trays and ISOPAK Carriers, R H Murphy Co. offers the products that help make your electronic device and component handling easier. From our original EZ-TAK (patented in 1984), DIP Spring (patented in 1986) and standard Retainer Pins – to carriers and trays for the latest leading edge components – we design the solution to your packaging problem! R H Murphy Co. offers a wide variety of products to satisfy the most demanding requirements of today’s automatic test and handling environments.

Custom Products

It might be difficult to come up with a name but you know what it is. Let R H Murphy Co. help you design and produce it. Our expertise makes us an ideal partner for your special requirements handling, protecting, and transporting. We are a resource you can call upon when you have a problem, a challenge, or just an idea or question. Our goal is to amaze you! Standard-compliant design where appropriate, our products incorporate JEDEC Standards to ensure smooth operation in automated environments. In today’s world of precision automatic manufacturing, products from R H Murphy Co. are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

A Family of Products You Can Depend On.