The science and art of trays merges creative design, material science, and manufacturing acumen. It incorporates industry standards and the unique requirements of each product. Application requirements such as temperature and chemical exposure, manufacturing processes, mechanical and electrical constraints are factors. Business considerations include schedules, production volumes and ramp-up, total estimated usage and minimum order quantities, and the logistics of design verification, initial and long term production. R H Murphy Co. designs and produces top quality product for a global customer base. We have the talent and the experience to ask the right questions and provide the best answers.

Custom Matrix Trays from R H Murphy Co. offer the ultimate protection and convenience. We offer a wide variety of JEDEC outline matrix trays to satisfy the most demanding requirements of today’s automatic test and handling environments. While JEDEC standards provide compatibility with process equipment, every device and component has its own requirements for tray pocket details.


Custom Molded Trays

We offer many JEDEC outline thick and thin matrix trays to handle various QFP, PGA, BGA and other custom devices. If a new tray design is required, we provide expert design services to develop the best tray to meet your needs, and offer several options for tray tooling that range from building a complete new injection mold to making new cavity inserts for an existing mold. R H Murphy Co. designs trays for any type of component, module, MEMS, or device, and it need not be in a JEDEC format. Working with application requirements, engineering principles, materials technology, and manufacturing best practices, a custom solution may be the best value for your business.

We Help You Choose the Best Tray System For Your Application

Select from a wide range of available molded tray designs, let us develop a new, custom molded tray design for you, go with additive manufacturing, or choose our RapidTray® Machined Tray System. The important point is understanding your options. We do and we’ll make sure you understand. We will also work with your partners, suppliers, and subcontractors so all stakeholders are included. All to make sure you get the best solution.

More JEDEC Trays

Flipped BGA Matrix Tray with balls up alt view

BGA JEDEC Matrix Trays

Assorted Custom JEDEC Matrix Trays

Custom JEDEC Matrix Trays

JEDEC PGA Matrix Trays with spacers for heat sinks

PGA JEDEC Matrix Trays

Formed QFP JEDEC IC Matrix Tray

QFP Matrix Trays

Assorted examples of machined matrix trays

RapidTray® Machined JEDEC Matrix Trays