Prototypes may be your most important parts. You can handle them properly without waiting months.

From the first prototype to production release, your products should be handled safely. In the lab or in the field, protect the value of your product.

Machined and molded variations of IC carrier
Machined and 3D printed IC carrier, DIP bumper, and JEDEC matrix tray


Prototype With The Process You Want

Do you want to build by hand or in your automated production environment? Do you want a lot size of one or one thousand? We have a product to support your process.

Custom Solutions Without Custom Tooling

Prototypes change so why would you invest in custom tooling for prototypes and pre-production runs. Make use of our universal designs and low-volume custom manufacturing processes to get what you need without the wait or the cost of custom tooling.

Ready and Waiting

We work side by side with you, modeling and prototyping so that you are ready to handle your new product as it develops. You can have trays, carriers, and accessories to support your first delivery. And when changes are needed, we respond quickly to keep the process going.

Quality From The Start

First parts can be extremely valuable, particularly when your yields are low. Why put them at risk using interface components that were designed for something else? You can maintain your quality, and the integrity of your products, from the first prototypes, all the way through the development process.

A Smooth Transition To Production

Once you’ve frozen your design, the low volume production support will keep you running while production tooling is built. This way you avoid costly inventory during the transition and you make the easy change to high volume, cost-effective processing without missing a beat.

RH Murphy Products for Prototypes

JEDEC PGA Matrix Trays with spacers for heat sinks

PGA JEDEC Matrix Trays

Assorted examples of machined matrix trays

RapidTray® Machined JEDEC Matrix Trays