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What is a JEDEC Waffle Tray?

There really is no such thing as a JEDEC Waffle Tray. There are JEDEC matrix trays and there are waffle pack chip trays. What are the differences between a waffle tray and a JEDEC tray and what should you use?

JEDEC matrix trays are sized and have the features described in JEDEC’s matrix tray design guide. JEDEC matrix trays are globally recognized as being compatible with many types of automation equipment, process tools, handling and packaging materials and products. The basic size of a JEDEC tray is 12.4”/315mm x 5.35”/135.9mm.

Waffle packs, or waffle pack trays, can be generally described as thin, trays, usually 2” or 4” square, with a regular pattern of separator ribs that create pockets, making the trays look like a waffle.

Where JEDEC matrix trays were originally conceived for handling semiconductor packages with leads, and manufactured with intricate pocket designs, waffle packs were originally used to handle and transport bare die and usually have simple rectangular pockets. Both tray formats have been adopted for other types of products but they each retain their original functional characteristics.

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