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What is a Waffle Pack Tray?

Waffle packs, or waffle pack trays, can be generally described as thin plastic component trays, usually 2” or 4” square, with a regular pattern of separator ribs that create pockets, making the trays look like a waffle. Developed to support the semiconductor manufacturing industry, waffle pack chip trays have become an informal industry standard format.

Waffle packs were originally, and are still, used to handle and transport bare die or chip scale packages (CSP) and usually have simple rectangular pockets. Custom waffle pack trays are popular for applications where processes are already set for the waffle pack format but special properties are needed, like bakeable material or unique pocket geometry.

Usually manufactured of ESD-protective plastic, waffle packs can be stacked and they can be held together with bands, tape, or by standard available clips.

Waffle pack chip trays are sometimes confused with JEDEC matrix trays. This is not surprising because they overlap in many applications. Waffle packs are most common on the Fab side of semiconductor manufacturing, before the die are packaged. If you are already working with waffle packs, continuing with the format may be a good choice. If not, or if automation is a prime objective, JEDEC matrix trays may be the better choice.

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