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Why Use Waffle Pack Trays?

Types of Waffle Pack Trays

Waffle pack chip trays are popular for handling, storing, and transporting small, 2.5D (flat with some thickness but no significant contour) components in a manual process. While there are automated systems to move waffle packs, the trays themselves lack features to facilitate automation.

We usually recommend JEDEC matrix trays for new applications, particularly when looking for automation compatibility. But Waffle packs may be a good choice for new components moving into existing processes that already use waffle packs. Waffle packs are small, thin and convenient for small parts and, like JEDEC matrix trays, they are well established and are an unofficial standard format for handling small parts and sensitive microelectronics like semiconductor die, photonics optics, and chip scale components. Like JEDEC matrix trays, there is an established supply base for waffle pack tray accessories like covers and clips.

If you are already using waffle packs for bare die and want to run some special components through the same process, a custom waffle pack may be an ideal solution. But if you are starting something new, or someone told you to look at JEDEC waffle trays, you should probably be looking for a JEDEC MATRIX TRAY and not a waffle pack chip tray.

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