What is the cost of a JEDEC tray? Your needs will play a major role in determining the cost of a JEDEC tray. Unlike most JEDEC tray suppliers, RH Murphy Co. offers several options for ESD-safe trays.

The cost of a JEDEC tray varies with:

  • Manufacturing Method
  • Tray Material
  • Quantity

RH Murphy Company uses three primary manufacturing methods.

  • Injection Molding – Best pricing for volume production but requires building a mold for new designs
  • RapidTray® Machined Matrix Trays – A hybrid process for low- to moderate-volume – no tooling means best pricing when quantities are not in the thousands
  • 3D Printing – Special, high resolution SLA process is used for custom designs that cannot be machined – best when only a few – 1 to 5 – trays are needed


  • NoStat® ESD-safe composite polymers – very clean molding materials with carbon fiber reinforcement – high strength, very stable, permanent ESD protection – available in bakeable and non-bakeable formulations
  • Specialty molding materials – colors, low cost antistatic formulations, special CTE
  • Photopolymers for high resolution 3D SLA printing – good surface finish, stable, 90°C max temperature, requires antistatic coating for ESD protection


  • Custom Molded JEDEC Trays – usually thousands to millions – the investment in building and running a mold makes the most economic sense for high volume but is sometimes necessary to get the needed functions and features at lower volume
  • RapidTray® Machined Matrix Trays – tens to hundreds – that’s the sweet spot
  • High Resolution 3D printed trays – at one or two trays per day, it’s best to keep the quantity low


  • Custom Molded Trays – generally $3 to $15 – higher quantities have lower prices, less than 1,000 the price rises sharply – non-bakeable trays have lower prices than bakeable trays – the NRE Charge associate with a new tray mold is ranges from $20k to $45k
  • RapidTray® Machined Matrix Trays – $22 to $50 each – no tooling is required – $225 programming charge on first order only – fixed prices from 10 to 1,000
  • High Resolution 3D printed trays – several hundred dollars each