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Flippable Trays Add a New Dimension To Handling And Protection

Flippable Trays


Thanks to the wonder of gravity, you can rely on stuff staying in a box when placed there.  And if the stuff fits well in the box, only the top is accessible.  It’s pretty much the same for components in a tray. Parts that fit precisely in tray pockets make processing a two dimensional activity unless you have discovered flipping.

When BGAs (Ball Grid Array packages) first hit the market the need for accessing the balls was not recognized.  Once it was recognized, R H Murphy Company responded quickly with “flippable” trays.  RH Murphy invented BGA trays that can be inverted, unloaded, reloaded, and restacked while the parts remain contained and protected.  This makes inspection, rework, repair, even some level of testing possible without removing parts from the trays.  This same principal is readily applied to other device types.

There is more to having flippable trays than just putting pockets on the bottom of a tray.  Managing the alignment and exposure of the parts in both orientations is critical.  Insuring that trays being stacked pre-align before engaging the parts requires unique features.  Eliminating device terminals, leads, or pins from being the point of first contact means the difference between a tray the protects and one the damages parts.

The key to successful flipping is interengagement.  By building features that overlap, trays capture the components from the top and bottom simultaneously.  This provides a secure hand-off between trays and the components remain contained and protected in all orientations.

RH Murphy has been doing all this while giving you the performance you count on:  ESD protection, mechanical integrity, thermal stability, JEDEC alignment features, and value above all else.  Don’t let yourself be limited to a two dimensional process.  Add a third dimension with flippable matrix trays from RH Murphy Company.

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